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Exercise while have hemorrhoids?
Can you exercise if you have hemorrhoids and if so what can you do ? Can you lift weights? Please notify me I really need help on this.... =/ If you have be diagnosed with prolapsed hemorrhoids, you might want to try the HemAway seat http://www.hemaway.com.You newly place the seat on...

Exterior hemorrhoid that shrank into a duct that releases mucus?
I understand that the general notion of this make happen a eww reaction, but this is a serious medical question within which I need advice.I am a 19 year antediluvian Latin male. I am physically active, hydrate regularly, and am contained by otherwise generally good robustness....

External haemorrhoid, plz oblige?
i have a small lump at the opening of the anus. it almost appeared suddenly and it is painless. it is a bit rock-hard and feels like something protruding. it is outstandingly small, the size of a pea. i have no discomfort other than desk light itching at times. it has been...

External hemorrhoid at 22?
hi there... i'm 22, and when i was 21 i ruminate i got an external hemorrhoid. not to sound distasteful, but i was constipated for a while and then get bouts of diarrhea. the hemorrhoid, for the most part, stays inside but you can feel it resembling a lump right...

External hemorrhoid follow up ?
I have had an external hemmie for two weeks. I own done everything that is recommended. I regularly exercise, added more fiber, taken baths and sitz baths, tried the topical ointment (which doesn't work). It is sort of asymptomatic - doesn't bleed, isn't overly hurting, the thing isn't...

External Hemorrhoid Help!?
My boyfriend has a huge hemorrhoid that is blocking his hole(ya know the hole) and he can't miss his bowels because of it. What will help? Is it time for him to see a doctor? Not obedient!Try ice...the original ...if no better by Monday, engender dr appt, please For the most part...

External hemorrhoid home treatment?
I heard that if you have an external hemorrhoid you could try to push it put a bet on in. Has anyone ever tried this? Or is this a bad concept? You can try to gently push it back surrounded by, however, it will not heal in this instrument. Pushing it in...

External hemorrhoid interrogate?
i've had this external hemorrhoid since i was going on for 4. i guess it never healed properly then, and it's something like the size of a small blueberry right below my anus. obviously it doesnt hurt anymore, but i was wondering - should i be thinking of getting this removed? it's really...

External hemorrhoid question...?
I'm 23 years old. I've had problems beside chronic diarrhea most of my life. I suspect it to be irritable bowel syndrome. I first started noticing hemorrhoids when I be 18 years old. I haven't really noticed that they enjoy ever gone away completely. But gradually, they have...

External Hemorrhoid started bleeding surrounded by the bathroom?
A couple of days ago, i recieved a nice little gift from my body. I guess it was paying me posterior for lifting weights by giving me a nice external hemorrhoid. Yeesssss! So anyway, it went down due to my constant cleening and applications of preperation H. It...

External Hemorrhoid!?
OK.... got a small external hemorrhoid. What's the best treatment I can do myself? Does the Preperation H cream work? Works like a charm. regard they prescribe preparation H to shrink the tissue, and when I had my baby they give me Tucks or something like that in impossible to tell apart section as...

External hemorrhoid, i enjoy a flight tomorrow...?
I think I got something call external hemorrhoid. I am 24 and never had something like this back. I have a swallen area size of green bean outside of rectum. I notice it today and has been bothering me the complete day. I bought Preparation H and applied it,...

External hemorrhoid.?
This morning i woke up with a pain contained by my butt. Everytime i sat down, i would get sharp pains. It would hurt when i poop, just when i push, not when the poop actually came out of my anus. I looked at my anus and it seem as if there was for...

External hemorrhoids - extremely scratchy!! Help!!?
Please help if you have any home remedies - I am contained by sooo much pain and its Saturday and I cant get to the doctor. I hold tryed 2 types of creams but its soooo painful. procure ice cubes from the freezer,put it into a bag(plastic bag, or use...

External hemorrhoids or internal?
I have a swollen anus and it might be external because it is swollen around my anus. I have be having trouble using the restroom but its still been coming out. will this alleviate on its own? OH and the swelling goes down when i am not trying to push. When I...

External hemorrhoids, how can it be cured?
how can prolapsed external hemorrhoid be cured? can it be inserted back? if it aches when you press it, what could it be? gratitude!answers are deeply appreciated there is something call tucks for that..also spray alo vera with lidocaine spray takes the throbbing away till it reduces swelling...

External Hemorrhoids? HELP!!?
I think I have a small external hemorrhoid. I've never have anything like this and I'm freakin out cuz I can't afford to go to the doctor. Do these things turn away? It isn't big or overly uncomfortable, I just don't want to sit on it and enjoy it...

External Hemorrhoids?
Anyone ever deal with one? Also, what liberal of dr treats this? A urologist? No the doctor is called a Proctologist. What they do if a change of diet and bowel customs does not help they tie the hemorrhoids (it does not hurt) :The goal of nonsurgical procedures used to treat hemorrhoids, call...

External Hemorrhoids?
Can external hemorrhoids be removed completly with out surgery?I am only 21 and enjoy recently discovered i have 2 small lumps around my anus which i believe are hemorrhoids.Is it possible for these to step away? there are some medication which help but not in adjectives cases. Another non surgical therapy is sclerotherapy but...

External hemorrhoids?
i think i might have external hemorrhoid on the vaginal side of the anus....or so i deliberate it is a hemorrhoidi'm taking the ointment...anybody got this too? what are your symptoms Next time you are within for your yearly pelvic, ask your doctor to take a look freshly to make sure it is a...

External Hemorrhoids?
I'm only 13 and I have these.I raise weights, could that do it?It hurts really bad, and kills when I'm playing basketball.Should I collaborate to a doctor.Is there anything I can do at home? Dude, I had this exact same thing ending year. It goes away after about 2 weeks if you hold a...

Fastest course to grasp rid of hemorrhoids?
What do I have to do to make it be in motion away as soon as possible, without my family or boyfriend knowing that I hold it? Is medication required?I think it is external and the cause be anal intercourse (once) and/or holding in. I've tried deeply of medications...

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I believe I have an external hemorrhoid and it's pretty painful. What cream do I get at the store?
    I don't want to go to the doctor yet. I want to try stuff I can buy at Walgreens/Target. What cream am I meant to get to shrink the hemorrhoid?

    I already tried Vaseline and Hydrocortisone cream but they didn't do much at all.


    • ANSWER:
      When I had my baby I developed awful hemorrhoids. I was prescribed hydrcortisone and it worked. Unfortunately I think it's time to go to a doctor. Until then the only thing you can do is keep using hydrocortisone, preparation H, take warm baths with epsom salt, and sit on a cushion. It needs to be look at if it doesn't go down and bowel movements make it extremely painful (as you already know). Hope you feel better.

    What does Hemorrhoid cream actually do?
    For an external hemorrhoid, if I go and buy a cream, does it actually eliminate the hemorrhoid or does it just hide it temporarily? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      it shrinks the area affected,whilst soothing pain and discomfort,a good brand is"preperation H"btw im not joking its GREAT for puffy eyes too,i use it under my eyes if ive been on a late night

    External Hemorrhoid!!!?
    OK.... got a small external hemorrhoid. What's the best treatment I can do myself? Does the Preperation "H" cream work????

    • ANSWER:
      Well, the easiest is to soak in a tub of warm water, 2-3 times a day. The hemorrhoid is a blood vessel that lives around your rectum, and when it fills with blood, and gets inflammed, it hurts! It can form a clot within the vessel, but it is not the type of blood clot that is dangerous. Preperation H, or the generic equivalent, is fine. Use diaper wipes gently, for hygiene. Hope that helps!

    suffering from external hemorrhoid pain...! help me !!?
    i am 18 years old and iam having external hemorrhoid ..its paining a lot though iam applying external cream help me for relief ...!

    • ANSWER:
      You have to sit in a nice warm bath. You might want to drink lots of fluids for a while and try to eat things that don't make you strain. Your hemorrhoids are bothering you because you need to use stool softener. When your stool passes it scrapes along those hemorrhoids. Also make sure you switch up your toilet paper. You don't want anything else to irritate you back there. I haven't actually had these problems but if you use cream it's a mess and it oozes out anyway. Also your going to make sure you have extra cushion when you go to sit down.

    How to stop external hemorrhoid bleeding?
    I'm fairly young I'm under 30 and I have hemorrhoid. I've had them before and they would go away in about a week it was never a big deal for me. So I thought nothing different of it this time. I can tolerate the pain, itching and burning and quite honestly most of the pain and itching has gone way and it's been about 3 1/2 days since i noticed it... HOWEVER, now the external hemorrhoid is bleeding... thats new to me. How do I get rid of this hemorrhoid, what do I do about the bleeding? I bought the PrepH wipes to clean up every once in a while and also been putting some hemorrhoid cream on it. Is the bleeding just part of the healing process? I'm a full time student and not covered under medical insurance, so I can't go see a doctor. Anyone else have this happen or know what to do?
    I don't eat much. I eat plenty of fiber. My diet is fine... which is why I don't know why I even got the hemmohroid. the only thing I can think is I'm a DJ and been hailing around heavy equipment and speakers which might have caused me to strain . . . I don't know. But is the bleeding something I should worry about? Or just kind of deal with it until the hemmohroid goes away?
    what i meant to say is that I don't eat all that much meat in my diet. It's a lot of veggies, fruits, weat bread, cerels, oatmeals . . .

    • ANSWER:
      this is really nasty but ill still answer it. Buy some prep H and eat lots of fiber and less meat. This will make your stool softer. Also when you clean after taking a crap tap DO NOT wipe. This should help stop the bleeding. the bleeding is not part of the healing process. you ruptured the hemroid if you tap and dont wipe you wont rupture it as easy.

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