Hemorrhoid Banding Fall Off

Hemorrhoid Banding – 4 Facts to Know about the Process


Rubber band ligation is one of the common types of treating hemorrhoids. For those that have serious hemorrhoids, there may be a variety of treatment options to aid with the problem. So as to eradicate the hemorrhoids from your rectal area, this surgical operation is typically performed. To remove the hemorrhoids, an elastic rubber band is used. This option is often taken when the hemorrhoid is causing severe pain and bleeding.

The treatment popularly known as rubber band ligation is used to block blood supply from the hemorrhoid bulge. Using the rubber bands, the hemorrhoid will be fixed off at the bottom. Consequently, the blood supply will slowly be cut off to the hemorrhoid. In due course, the hemorrhoid will start to decrease in size and will eventually fall off totally. From here, you will not observe bleeding from the blood veins. This is a very easy procedure for most patients.

Treatment process

The treatment will commonly start with an examination by the doctor using an anoscope to determine the exact location of the hemorrhoid. An empty tube will be used during the examination. The scope will have a light in its end to illuminate the whole rectal area. After the hemorrhoid is cut off, you can suppose that a scar will appear where the affected blood vein was once situated. This will also aid in avoiding imminent hemorrhoids from appearing from this blood veins region.


After the surgery, you can expect different things if you opt to get tuber band ligation. If you have multiple hemorrhoids, you will need to visit your doctor several times, as hemorrhoids cannot be removed all at once. Basically, with this treatment, only a few hemorrhoids should be removed during an operation. Because of the drastic change from the blood vessels in this area, you can also expect pain for a couple of days after the surgery. After a few weeks, you can also anticipate a continual bleeding. This can be mild in most patients.

Effectiveness of the rubber band ligation

Particularly for those with more critical problems, this treatment is commonly used because it's more effective than other treatment choices. This treatment is most widely used for more serious types of hemorrhoids, such as second or third degree blood veins inflammation. However, determining what treatment you are capable of is necessary to consider. So that, pressure will not be placed on the area again, great changes in your lifestyle should be imposed especially in your eating habits. It is also important to consider whether it is an effective method for you by consulting your doctor.


It is necessary to make sure to have an idea on the choices that are available for you, if you have hemorrhoids that are posing health risks. In successful treatments of hemorrhoids, rubber band ligation is an option that you can try. By using this surgical treatment, you will be provided with information on how to remove hemorrhoids that are inside the rectal area that will aid with lessening your troubles

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Frequently Asked Questions

    rubber band ligation for hemorrhoid?
    I had the procedure done a week ago. I was in some discomfort for a couple of days. However, now I havn't seen it fall off, I don't feel any pain there or discomfort. Is it possible the rubber band broke or fell off? I can still feel the roid slightly and it itches but not as bad as it used to. SHould I just be more patient or could there be something wrong? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds more like a question for the doctor who performed the procedure. I don't think any of us here are qualified to answer this question, we can only give opinions or personal experience. I've had this procedure done before, so I can certainly sympathize with the pain you're in. I don't remember ever seeing the band or hemorrhoid falling off, so it's possible that it has already fallen off. But if you're still concerned about it, you should contact your doctor. I had a follow up appointment to have it all checked out again, to make sure it fell off.

      Good luck to you...

    Is She About To Do Something Stupid?
    I've got a friend who recently told me she has hemorrhoids, she was really embarrassed to tell even her mum and she really wants to get rid of it. I told her about hemorrhoid banding surgery, which is when the hemorrhoid had a tight elastic band tied around it to cut off its blood supply, making it fall off. Now she has this dumb idea that she's going to get an elastic band and try it herself. Will she just make it worse, or do you think it'll actually work?
    She's too embarrassed!! How's it dangerous??
    She's told me that she's had it for a long time now and has only just managed to pluck up the courage to tell someone. She's already tried loads of creams but none of them work!!

    • ANSWER:
      100% dangerous!I'm not a dr. but I would recommend some type of hemorrhoid cream like preparation h. She should just put a little on her finger and rub it on the hemorrhoids. This should shrink them. She needs to drink A lot of water and starting a bran cereal in morning like Raisin Bran will help keep her from getting constipated which is a good reason to have hemorrhoids get inflamed, the extra pushing can cause the to hurt again. Another thing is she should wipe well after using the BR and then use some wet toilet paper to make sure she is clean. Hope this helps!

    Hemorrhoids and terrible treatment by the doctors and surgeons! I just want them removed!?
    Right I had 3 piles!

    1st they banded them they tried once and it failed the band fell off it hurt like a constant dull ache like someone constantly nipping the inside of your bowel NOT nice at all!

    Then months later they tried double banding them again its a horrible dull ache for months again it failed!

    They then moved onto injecting the hemmoroids to make them go away firt injection didnt have any effect!

    Months later 2nd injection no effect

    Months later 3rd injection and complaint that its taking forever so they fianlly move me on to suregery!

    Guess what they only remove 1 at a fucking time! The first 1 removed causes me the most intense pain ive ever experienced in my life this goes on for months!

    Now the bstards want to go back to trying the injections again!

    Ive suffered long enough!

    I just want the fucking things taken out!

    I cant have a relationship till these disgusting things are gone!

    I cant get on with my career untill they are gone!

    They are making me wait months and months between each appointment and are dismissive and vague when I ask questions!

    I just want the last 2 removed via surgery ASAP (more months of waiting)

    I will suffer the intence pain one last time recover in a few months and be done with it!

    But now the fuckers want to go back to the injections!

    I dont like stuff being stuck up my arse I dont like years of my time being wasted and I dont like suffering in horrible pain!

    What would you do in my situation? The surgens and that are nice people so I dont want to balme anyone specific but they whole ordeal they put you through is making me extremely angry and yet they wont clue me in to whats happening next they will just give me another letter for my next appointment which will be in another month or so and there they will be vague!!!

    I cant take it anymore what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      After doing research for you, you have certainly been around the block and back here. The good news is that there is more to be done. Go to Wikipedia, and then link with all portals. After that link with medicine and fitness at the bottom and search hemorrhoids. Taking into account that you're in the United Kingdom, please read the entire page and everything there. According to it, the time frame and treatments both have room to be different. Please consider a second opinion or even a different surgeon/doctor altogether. I'm not sure how this works under your health insurance, but there must be a way for a different doctor's opinion. They also give some info into how you can move your bowels easier too, but the info there, I'm sure you already know such as stool softeners, drinking enough water, eating fiber etc. Good luck and God Bless

    Has anyone had rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids?
    I had this done 6 days ago and now I am having some aches inside my rectum. I was wanting to know if they hurt when they fall off.

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard of this procedure. As far as having some aches inside your rectum - I would imagine that it would be normal. If the aches become unbearable then call the dr. who performed the procedure.

    is this dangerous to do yourself?
    hi, i have an external hemorrhoid and iv had it for around 2 years (at least). i heard they do a treatment where they put a band around an internal one and it falls off..something like that anyway.
    is it dangerous to put a tiny rubber band around it myself and see if it works?
    im not in pain or anything. just having it there is driving me insane

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think that is an especially good idea. Having been an instructor for emergency medical procedures for the past 5 years in the military, I would not do that to anyone nor would I recommend anyone doing that to themselves. I would however recommend going to see a doctor about it and let them handle it. At least you would have less chance of getting that problem infected and having to have more medical procedures done to fix that. Doing something like this yourself may result in uncomfortable, embarrassing, painful, and needless torment to your body. Including but not limited to death.
      If this is an effort to save a couple of dollars, while I commend you on your do it yourself, go get em' attitude, the cost incurred by possible infection or other complications will far outweigh the original cost of getting it done right the first time by a professional.

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