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Frequently Asked Questions

    Hemorrhoid cream for the face???
    Have any of you used hemorrhoid cream on your face?
    Its been said that a lot of famous faces use it to get rid of the lines around thier eyes.
    What I want to know is
    Have you tried it
    Did it work
    Were there any side affects.
    Which brand did you try
    I'm thinking of trying it but thought i'd get some advice first. So what do you think??
    Yes I know what its for, but seriously its reported to be good for the face so thats why i was asking this Question to see if any of you knew. Thats the idea of YA isnt it.
    why do some of you have to be so rude
    By the way thanks to everyone with the helpful answers.

    • ANSWER:
      i heard sandra bullock uses it. the companies that make it advise against using it on your face, although i see no problem with it. my mum dabs it under her eyes to get rid of puffy eyes and fine lines. it can also be used along the jaw line, and puffy cheeks. basically, it is an instant face lift! preparation h works best, the only downside is that it doesnt smell to great.

      hope this helps

    is it true that some big stars use hemorrhoid cream on their faces to straighten out wrinkles?
    i have heard that hemorrhoid cream will shrink facial wrinkles for several hours. if this is true then has any company developed a cream for the face containing the same propeties thus removing the need to use bum cream on your face

    • ANSWER:
      It does not help with wrinkles, but it will get rid of swelling and puffy circles under eyes. Don't use a lot, though, it can burn if it gets in your eyes.

    When to start using anti-aging cream.?
    Alright I think by now most of us have heard about how woman use hemorrhoid cream on there faces for wrinkles. I wanted to know three things
    1) Does using hemorrhoid cream work in proventing wrinkles?
    2) At what age should a woman start to use anti-aging creams?
    3) Does using anti-aging creams early make it less likely for you to get wrinkles when older?

    • ANSWER:

      first you can use anti aging creams at any age. I'm 20 but i've been using then since i was younger. they say its way better to use them before you get the wrinkles to prevent premature aging then to use it when in face you already have them.

      just make sure the creams are meant for your face and skin type and if they have an spf then thats even better. also always use suncreen spf 30 or higher. put it on everyday. the sun never goes away and neither does it's harmful rays. i use a good one called Neutrogena Age Shield Face, Sunblock Lotion, SPF 110, 3 fl oz. i put it on everyday and wear sunglasses alot. you can apply then if you wear makeup you can apply it over the sunscreen as long as you have the sunscreen thats all that matters. also for at night look into emu oil. it has so many uses and it plumps skin and prevents wrinkles. good for night time use. emo oils good for hair too.

      i would say all in all start taking care of your skin today. dont sleep with makeup on even for a day. the the eye makeup breaks your lashes and gets in your eyes causing eye infections. the cover up sinks into your skin cause heavy skin sagging and yes wrinkles so remove it when you can and dont wear it everyday. wear sunglasses and sunscreen. dont tan or go to tanning beds. eat healthy. replace green and herbal teas for coffee. always drink alot of water. use a gentle cleanser intead of soap when washing skin. the goal is to keep your oils to prevent dryness and aging. always moisurize more at night then then day because you go so long with out eating or drinking your skin dehydrates faster. try skin brushing. most important is exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes. you can look all this up on google to get the facts.

      start changing your bad habits into good and you wont regret it. ive seen for myself people that so dont look there age. im glad i take care of myself. people say i look 16 or 17 and im 20 almost 21!

    What is better to sleep in at night for wrinkles/dark circles??? pure aloe vera from a plant or cold cream?
    i usually sleep with either cold cream, vaseline, or hemorrhoid cream with biodyne (from canada) on my face. i heard about pure aloe vera from a plant getting rid of age spots and wrinkles and am wondering which is better to do. should i do one during the day and other at night? the aloe makes my face really tight like a mask and the others are greasy.

    • ANSWER:
      aloe plant is a miracle plant but eight hours of sleep is elixir of youth

    I heard once that putting Preparation H on zits helps get rid of them...?
    Is it true? I'd rather find out for sure before I go rubbing hemorrhoid cream on my face.

    • ANSWER:
      Preparation H 'shrinks the swelling' and Visine 'takes the red out'.

      edit- People act like using Prep H on your face makes you gross or something......
      first- its not recycled....
      second- If a guy takes Pamprin for aches, does that mean he is gonna grow boobs and cry alot too!?

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